Top 10 fraze in programare

Senzational! Cea mai folosita fraza in programare nu este “It works on my machine” cum se credea, ci WTF. De unde stim? Pentru ca, cineva avut ideea sa realizeze un top al celor mai folosite fraze in programare. Iata-l mai jos:


1.- WTF!

2.- It works on my machine!

3.- D’oh! [- Hi Homer, have you remove the debug code from production?]

4.- It will be ready tomorrow.

5.- Have you tried turning it off and on again?

6.- Why?

7.- Is not a bug, it’s a feature.

8.- That code is crap. [All code is crap except mine.]

9.- My code is compiling…

10.- No, I don’t know how to fix the microwave.

Sursa, precum si mai multe explicatii, poze/filme care sa suporte frazele gasiti aici:

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